Institute for Judicial



Everyone, regardless of gender, age, or social status aspires to live in a country where they feel comfortable, free and secure. The existence of the courts whose activities are based on  universally recognized principles of respect for the independence of justice, the presence of responsible and professionally trained judges, and recognition of the exclusive role of the judiciary in the state is a fundamental condition for the realization of this dream.


Experience has demonstrated that only where there are independent courts and judges, and where the law is executed as written, is it possible to provide for the ongoing development in political and economic sectors as is benefitial to society


The above is an absolute standard, and to achieve full independence of the courts nobody in the world has yet managed. However, many States are pursuing this goal, and have achieved notable successes in relation to other to create the conditions for the operation of an independent judiciary.


This questionnaire allows to establish the level of your country in the process of building an independent and strong judicial system, to identify the main problems along the way and their possible solutions.